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This not-for-profit club was started by Michael Vogt, LLC to motivate clients, friends, and their families to get out and earn an extra workout with others who share their goal to positively impact their health. Charity events will be held in the fall and spring to benefit great causes. Watch for details as the fall weather approaches!​


  • Departure dates, times and planned distances will be posted on Michael’s social media (or clients may be contacted directly if requested). The club will meet on the parking lot of the Aquaport, 2344 McKelvey Rd., Maryland Heights 63043


  • While the group will leave at the scheduled departure time, participants who will be biking should feel free to arrive early to warm up, check tire pressures and add air to their tires. (Michael will have psi gauge and pump on-hand) If you arrive late, go ahead and get started on the trail, everyone will be picked up on the way back!


  • Participants are STRONGLY encouraged to arrive hydrated and have some source of fuel already in their body to maximize results while exercising! Michael will have extra water, electrolyte drinks, and protein bars available before and after each session. 


  • Michael will outline what form of exercise is planned and the distance involved. However, participants should feel NO pressure to join in that form of exercise---ANY form is acceptable! No one should feel the need to keep up with the group leaders or to complete the entire distance planned. 


  • Participants will follow the Fee Fee Greenway path that starts at the Aquaport and leads to Creve Coeur Lake, where additional paths are available. No matter what distance is planned, the group will return on the same route, and anyone who is encountered on the way is encouraged to join in. In addition, Michael is always happy to finish the route with anyone who wants the extra encouragement! 


  • Michael will have a set of AirPods on-hand at all times so that he can be reached if anyone needs assistance. 


  • Finally, Michael encourages everyone to wave, smile, head nod, or say hi to anyone who is also out on the trail and getting after it! You can never overestimate the positive impact you can have on someone else’s day!


Aquaport Parking Lot

2344 McKelvey Road

Maryland Heights 63043



Any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact Michael directly via call, text or email. Sign up below for more details!

Tel: 314-583-8047 

Thanks for submitting!

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